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Designer Interview – Paul Somerford 900 675 admin

Designer Interview – Paul Somerford

Paul Somerford, one of the Directors of BDG Architects, sat down for a quick chat about his design process. How is the initial design conversation between you and the client…

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Published Work – Architecture Now  2000 1333 admin

Published Work – Architecture Now 

“Push open the front door and it’s apparent the design team has triumphed. They have spliced the historical and contemporary together beautifully but with a few twists in the plot.”…

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Published Work – The Local Project 2000 1333 admin

Published Work – The Local Project

BDG Architect’s feel honoured to have had one of our projects published by the increasingly popular and extensively followed “The Local Project”. The Local Project is a publication, blog and magazine…

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Designer Interview – Architecture Now 2000 1333 admin

Designer Interview – Architecture Now

Ashley Cusack of Architecture Now sat down with one of our designers, Alyssa Helleur to talk about her design philosophy, balancing client needs with practical constraints, and where to next…

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